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Product Description

Acana dog food by the looks of it, is a high quality above-average dog food.

Benefits of Chicken for Dogs:

  • Chicken is some of the most digestible protein you can feed to your dogs.
  • Chicken which is rich is high quality protein, does not generate high amounts of waste, putting much less stress on the kidneys,
  • Low overall fat content and higher in unsaturated fat,
  • Great source for proper amounts of both calcium and phosphorus.

Chicken fat contains vitamins A, D, and E. Vitamin A helps with vision and coat health.

Egg is a great source of protein; it helps build muscle, strengthen the hair, and repair tissue. Hardboiled is the most foolproof and straightforward method for feeding eggs to your pet, since there is no need for extra non-stick ingredients (i.e., butter, oil, or margarine for scrambling). The cooked egg can be cut into heart chunks, or diced and mixed into the usual kibble. The egg can even be given as is — after it has cooled thoroughly.


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